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Pricing and Payment Option Details

Method 1: Pay in full. (Save $200!)
Make a one time payment of $2,000 up front. Check out via credit card on the site. Or contact us to make arrangements for other payment methods including credit card, cash, or check.

Method 2: 4 monthly payments of $550.
Your first payment is due at checkout. The remaining three payments will be auto-recurring via debit or credit card.

Method 3: 400 down and 9 monthly payments of $200.
Your first payment is due at checkout. The remaining payments will be auto-recurring via debit or credit card.

*Our course includes everything you need to take the NYS Exam and SUCCEED. Ten in-person NYS required mock inspections, all necessary textbooks, worksheets, and learning materials. Experienced instructors with real world experience.*

How The Course Works


Start the first class day of any month. Class days vary based on location.


Our classes are held in the evening to work around your busy schedule. Class nights vary based on location. It’s important you pick the CATS location nearest you. Not just for the classroom sessions but also the mock inspections you will need to attend at various locations in your area. **Please Note** There are only 7 nights a month that classes are held. The first 7.


Please check the C.A.T.S. location nearest you for classroom location. Classes are consistently held in the same place. The weekly mock inspection changes, your instructor will give you advanced notice. We are also offering our classes online. These are live webinars and follow the same schedule as your school’s location.
C.A.T.S. Locations:

Course Length Details

C.A.T.S. Home Inspector Licensing Courses run for four months. This amount of time allows us to give you all the tools, knowledge, and tips to not just pass the state test, but to succeed in your new business. Classes are held two evenings a week, for four hours at a time. There are built in breaks during classes. While we encourage students to attend every single class we understand life gets in the way. You are able to miss one class per module. Talk to your instructor about making up the missed knowledge and time.

Mock/Practice Inspections

We also offer weekly in person Practice, or Mock, Home Inspections. These home inspections allow you to experience hands-on learning under a licensed instructor. This also satisfies your requirement for NYS. If you can’t make all ten Saturday inspections needed for your license requirement before finishing the course you may keep attending, at no additional cost until you’ve completed them. Mock Inspections are held on Saturday Mornings. your instructor will provide you with the address during class leading up to the inspection.

Free Reporting Software Details

CATS Home Inspection School provides electronic reporting software at no additional charge. We also train you how to use the software in an easy, practical, way.

Being a Home Inspector is a systematic occupation. Good systems make good inspectors. You’ll be able to train on, and learn to use, a reporting system that you can use after graduation in your business. Each student learns to use the same system; the system used by your instructor in their business.

The reporting system allows the user to either print worksheets, or carry an electronic version, into inspections. The worksheets provide a roadmap for an organized and thorough inspection. When the physical inspection is complete the reporting system offers a systematic way to enter all the information, images, and icons indicating common notations. The system then formats the report and sends it to the client on your behalf.

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Home Inspection Licensing Details - Free Class Audit

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Home Inspector Licensing Registration


Home Inspection Licensing Details - Free Class Audit